My early Christmas present: the Omega VRT350 Juicer

Christmas has come early for me this year. To my surprise, the family gave me an Omega VRT350 Juicer as a gift to say thank you for being me. Boy was I surprised at having my eye on one for a long time now.

With us living the healthy lifestyle what better way than juicing your own homegrown produce out of the garden. As I have a big kitchen that has quite a few appliances displayed there, I could not wait to test out my new kitchen addition.

Removing it from the box was easy and putting it together a breeze with help from the instructions my stylish juicer was fitting in with the rest of the décor. Now came the serious juicing and test of my stylish Omega VRT350 Juicer.

After reading through the instructions, I decided to make each of us a cold fruit juice with apples, carrots, oranges, grapes, and strawberries. Started to feed through the fruits and was astounded at the juice, it produced with some ice blocks added we had refreshing fruit drinks with wholesome nutrients still in them.

In addition, the best of all nothing goes to waste and I freeze the pulp and will be using them again. Thinking of vegetables to be juiced the pulp will go well in the winter months ahead when making soup loaded with nutrients and vitamins to keep our systems going.

I love the new toy of mine for the following reasons:

  • The juicer has dual stage juicing with fine, coarse filter screens, while working at slow it prevents oxidation of your juice, providing you with all the required nutrients for bodies to stay healthy.
  • I found that sometimes it does clog up, but with the auto pulp ejection and added reverse mode, it helps to rid the clogging.
  • It is stylish and stores easily when not required to use.
  • Have some superb frills added from a course to fine screen, screen holder that self cleans, cleaning brush and tamper, two juicing cups.
  • It even has a 10 year limited warranty that is good in my books.
  • Works quietly and does not sound like an airplane.
  • Moreover, it is easy to clean with no problems.

What is great about my juicer, it juices wheatgrass and that is a bonus to me as it makes one less appliance in my kitchen and the pulp left is dry. It does take time to juice with the Omega but you can be sure that your family will still be left with enough vitamins to kick-start their busy days. I love my new toy as it makes my life easier in the kitchen when cooking those healthy meals.

Thanksgiving at my house

As we get older, we tend to let go of traditions in our lives as our kids grow up and for others their children have left the nest. Some spend holidays at their kids’ homes, allowing them to start their own customs, but my two girls are still home and we are building on those traditions.

Thanksgiving, we usually go to town and spend the day at the fair where all the townsfolk get together, feasting on all the foods set out by all to eat. This year Bianca asked me why not have thanksgiving at our home.

I found it strange at first. Nevertheless, when thinking about it again, what a great idea. We started planning early to get the girls together deciding on whom we would invite to our modest house here in the countryside.

We decided to invite all our close friends in and around town to join us for a thanksgiving day with a difference. For us the day represents sharing food with friends and family, we decided on a potluck dinner theme. All the guests attending prepare a dish with what they can find in their homes nothing fancy and no over spending. All that we required was food, drink a blanket, and friendship.

We advised all our family and friends’ attending the dinner to bring with old clothes, toys, book everything that they did not require. As a result, we could donate them to shelters and libraries that are in need.

While making the outside of our home comfortable with some hay bales, pumpkins standing on the bales, and some wreath decorations with leaves on the doors, and at the gates. We spent time as a family chatting about how blessed we are, even when times are rough. That we should not take things for granted, as many do not have the privilege of sitting down with family and friends to enjoy the day.

We had 20 close friends and family together with their potluck food from ice cream, chicken, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cherry pie and much more. We provided the steak as a meaty treat with fresh salad and corn.

Gathering the foods placed out, the meat, and veggies kept warm we all sat down close to each other on our blankets introducing ourselves and providing each a story of our own to be thankful. Then we gathered the feast and helped ourselves to the wonderful treats. Holding hands as family, friends praying and thanking for what we receive. By the end of the day, there was no fuss in cleaning up a kitchen mess as each one took home their own dishes to wash.

No fancy plates, knives and forks just the easy throwaway sort only friends and family enjoying a peaceful day! In addition, we are thankful for these close friends and family spending Thanksgiving Day with us. Moreover, by the end of the day talking together as a family we decided that the tradition must live on. And I decided I need to get back on my diet!

My bad shopping day at Target

We usually do not go to the city quite often and buy our normal goods from town. However, once a month we would go and visit my mom and dad in Worcester to spend time with the family and close friends.

As it is not that far a drive, we leave on a Friday afternoon and arrive there late evening then we spend time chatting away. Usually we will go do all our big shopping at the Target store close to my parents.

This particular Saturday morning, the girls wanted to spend time with some of their friends there and John wanted to lie in a tad, as farm work can be tiring. Therefore, I decided to visit the shops myself some me time alone.

Hence into the car and off to the shopping center I went. I shop there most of the time as when we visit and do our monthly shopping. I spend time during the week looking at clearance deals and collecting coupons that may come handy. I would not say that they are one of the friendliest shops to visit, but at least I can find all the things required in one place.

As I am a coupon shopper, they always seem to place you under the microscope trying to correct you all the time. I can live with that, but on this particular day, I lost all my respect for the Target. I am educated by now in coupon policies, the rules, and limitations when buying with them. I even contacted Target to double check!

With the shops packed with people I peacefully went on a stroll looking at all the deals and filling my buggy as I went along, keeping my eye on my limit and using more than five coupons ensuring that I am using them correctly.

As I strolled through the aisles, there was a promotion for a Target gift card for $5 with every bought item of three Pantene or Head & Shoulder products. As both my girls and I have long hair I felt this was a great deal. Then one of the staff advised that it only applied to listed sale items for $6.29. However, the tag specifically said differently.

At that time, they removed the sign. They refused that I capture a photo of it when complaining to Target Company. They stated that in their circular, noted this, and of course, they could not generate a copy of it in the store. I thought to myself very remarkable!

Moreover, to top it all they signaled security as well, boy these Target people really know how to show treat their customers. By this time, I completed my shopping looked at them and shook my head. Turned around and went to the cashier where I gave them my coupons, paid and left.

I reported this to the Target Corporation, informing them about my occurrence at the branch. Assuring me that the problem will be resolved, I thought to myself yeah right!
Nevertheless, with this incident here for you to see, I hope it would at least leave a reminder when you think of visiting one of their stores soon.

The teenage years

Yes, I was young once also a teenager going through rebel stages throwing tantrums and closing doors on my mom. The teenage years are the most difficult of all their years.

Having two daughters, they are very different from each other. These days they have mobile communication, Facebook, social media sites, and the internet does not make it easier for parents these days.

In our days, we gathered at the beach, phoned each other on the landline, wrote letters, and read magazines. Times were different then, now we stress about parties, alcohol, drugs, yes, even in small towns this can become a problem.

The best thing we had done in our lives is moving to the farm; our daughters love the fresh air, riding horses, spending time at the lake with friends. They have their parties they attend with limits of course ensuring that we drop them and pick them up too.

Our motto at home is communicating with their differences Bianca loves to do art and wants to study her BA in Graphic Design has a modern look in life and wants to dress stylishly. Catherine is the home designer with flair loves to read, design interior, music, and modern too and aiming to study towards Interior Decorating.

This last year, they have grown very fast and with us following some easy advice, the teenage years have become less strenuous on us.

We have left our daughters to find their own identity, providing them with independence and helping when they need help. We leave them to decide what is right for them or not. They communicate with us in all their decisions they do they go through stages from coloring the hair to wanting tattoos on the body.

This is where we would sit down and discuss the matter at hand when it comes to bodily harm asking question on why they want to do that to themselves, or wait until you are a bit older and see how you feel about it then. Talk about these small things to ensure that your door is always open for them.

Make their friends feel at home, our house is always full of kids visiting for the weekend, learn to trust them to spend some time with them and leave them to spend time alone. We have been fortunate with our girls that there has been no need to punish them with a variety of things from their phones to the internet. With us, there is a time and a place for everything we do.

Family time is quality time spent with each other’s company without the phones. They are both educated in what is right and wrong for them at a young age already, and if they have hurt someone they should feel bad and playing guilt emotions with them is one way to show that they have done wrong.

We set out time with our daughters on a weekend, Sundays are only for family, and if friends are visiting, they usually visit until after breakfast. Our times spent in the summer at the lake taking horse rides together, packing a picnic basket, and relaxing on a blanket while John tries to catch some fish. We chat away about the past week and the week ahead. Listening to each other’s problems on hand and even resolving them.

When winters here it is warm fires in the house and some hot chocolate to enjoying movies and popcorn for the day and other days we spend time playing games from UNO, cards and Monopoly. Our daughters have their own time when they text and Facebook with friends or chat on weekends too late. Most of our quality time spent in the kitchen when preparing a wholesome meal and sitting at our dining room table enjoying a meal those are memories we will always cherish and hold for the rest of our life.

We love and adore our girls they are our pride and joy and the biggest advice I can give be role models for them. There are going to be good days and some bad, but with family communication, you can achieve anything in life set out for you.

Trying to cook healthier

Hi, welcome back to my modest home, yes, today discussing the road that I have walked by trying to cook healthier for my family. Living on a farm, I have been fortunate to be able to start my home garden something I would have never been able to provide myself while being married to a military man.

Now, that we have settled down and living the farmer’s life, it was not easy in the beginning. It takes early hours and long days of hard work. Being a stay at home mom getting up early in the morning providing the family with a healthy breakfast to start the day, packing some healthy lunches for the girls followed by planning the day ahead can become as a busy train station. Unfortunately, this has caused me to neglect myself a bit so I’m trying a new diet called the venus factor diet.

However, I am enjoying every moment of it. With my fresh veggie and herb garden all organic by the way, I have been fortunate to spruce up some healthy foods in the past two years of living here.

Countless of my friends always ask, how do you find the time to serve up healthy meals when you’re so busy helping on the farm. My answer is planning!

We all desire to live a healthy life and part of being healthy comes eating and as we live a few miles from town our basic foods home cooking. For several people a dreaded word. As the majority of people, these days live on takeaways the simple way out in life. With home cooked meals, we control what we eat.

Moreover, with each meal I cook, I set a goal and plan ahead at the beginning of my week usually Sundays when we sit down and relax I plan the meals for the week. I have found that if I do not plan my meals, it becomes unhealthy, and expensive. If I find that, there are busy evenings or days with the girls when it comes to attending their sports these days can be hectic. Therefore, I cook ahead for these crazy occasions.

Always think ahead and with every meal made for dinner makes superb lunches for the next day. When cooking chili, pasta sauces, or soup, I make enough for extra than one night, pop them in airtight containers, and freeze them for those hectic days that lie ahead.

Buy organic fresh and always the best, the fact of them being expensive a myth as buying at the farmers markets cheaper than at the grocery store. I have been lucky to have my own garden, but if you are not go visit the farmers market. There you will find more than just organic fruits and veggies to buy. Stock up on nuts, beans, and supplementary organic essentials in bulk.

With cooking healthy meals for my family, it has become a long-term commitment. Find inspiration in what you do, my inspirations the internet and an immense source in finding simple recipes. I am not an expert at cooking, but with some trouble-free recipes to follow, I may just become the next naked chef. So be inspired plan ahead and the road to providing your family with some healthy meals will definitely be an effortless goal ahead.